Indian psychology issues

As an Indian,I have/had been introduced to many psychologists with notable works in their field for instance Sigmund Freud, B.F.Skinner,Jian Piaget,Albert bandera and others.

If you just think about the contributions of India as a country to the field of psychology ,so that is surely not upto the mark. Why is it so?

So I just figured out why there is not much further study on this topic. There are several important things which should be considered in order to figure this thing.

  1. The education pattern and syllabus which is being taught to students regardless of boards .If he/she is from any state board or CBSE Board or ICSE board.In my opinion, the subject and curious study of psychology can do wonders in the life of an individual who struggles academically and especially that kid who can’t decide or make up his/her mind that he/she should do something in future. Forget the notion that there are people who don’t like to study psychology, but this is a vast field and if one is stuck and puzzled what to do in life, for them psychology can provide them a path ,the tricks or the techniques which one should apply in mind to just discover your talents & thereby making use of your imagination. This subject should be included for teenagers of this generation, so that they might not fall prey to things like addictions of drugs, etc. Mostly 70-80% of teenagers require this knowledge and I am pretty sure that it can just bring changes in indian society
  2. The False beliefs/superstitions are the prime forces in hindering people to do what is right for them. For example,I will give you an example of a hindu belief and its relevance in today’s society. I am sure most of them might have heard of this stuff before.So it says that people should not cut their nails at night. According to hindu belief,it is basically a bad omen .Now the followers of Hindu religion have been following this for generations. Most importantly there are very less number of people especially Hindus who question or counter this. In today’s society, these things are countered but previously all Hindus just followed this belief blindly. The relevance for that belief is that at that time,there were no proper lighting system in houses. So at night, if one uses nail cutter it can really be a bit dangerous cutting the nails as the person would injure his/her fingers. Is it relevant now? The answer is No! So the point is there are many beliefs in India which is irrelevant and can affect the scientific study of psychology. Psychology and religious beliefs especially in india should not go hand in hand
  3. Also there is a stigma among Indian people that they don’t approach freely to a psychologist or psychiatrist and they don’t openly confess all their problems or more precisely symptoms that they are facing because they keep in mind that I am not mad/insane before addressing the concerns.

I hope and believe that the future generation in India would really get aware of the things happening because there are large number of people in India who are suffering from many small,big psychological disorders that needs attention. It’s high time that all those who are suffering should open up about improving ourselves and getting out of these disorders.

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